Monday, February 2, 2009

Just shut up and vote!

I watch our weekly City Council Meetings as often as possible. (This means when I remember, and when my family lets me take the TV.) I watch these meetings for a multitude of reasons; a sense of civic duty, a voyeuristic nature, it's the best free entertainment in town, and mostly because so many of the Council's decisions have a direct impact on my career and my family's security. Having said that, some of these people are RIDICULOUS! One would think that a Council meeting, especially a weekly meeting, would only last 1-2 hours. Tonight's circus is currently in it's 6th hour, and they aren't even half way through the damn agenda. Secondly, we have a small cast of supporting players, frequent fliers, repeat offenders, standup comediens. These folks are important, and annoying as nails on a chalkboard. Most of them speak each week, for too much time, in a boring and annoying monotone. In fact, many of them are so annoying that we've come up with fantasy storylines about them. Many of my bizarre co-workers share my sick obsession with watching council. Every Tuesday morning, before we clock in, we share a few minutes eagerly dissecting every public speaker, council faux pas, and what we perceive to be blatant acts of stupidity. I think we thrive on it in a sick way. Of course, we work for the City, so that probably explains a lot of the problem with us. Tonight's epic meeting contains an agenda item that has a direct, and possibly devastating effect on my job. People are very passionate about this issue, whether they are for or against it. If the project is approved it will increase my monthly expenses quite a bit, but it will also secure my job for a little longer. Can you say mixed feelings? I've been hollering at the TV for 5 hours now. (I got home an hour into the meeting.) Sometimes I want to knock heads together, and sometimes I stomp my feet and aaaaaaaaaaaargh at the room. Tonight I'll go to bed with a headache and a prayer. The difference, for me, is sadly I can see both sides of the issue, quite clearly. In a situation like this one, would you go with your budget, or your job? It's quite a decision. One is easily contingent upon the other, isn't it? I'm a team player, so for me, I'm with the job. My co-workers and I have already invested a tremendous amount of time and effort into this project. We take a small amount of pride in watching the projects unfold and become a tangible pain in the ass as opposed to one on paper only. Knowing this project may, or may not be coming forward, Laurie and I will revise our sad budget and begin saving for the impending increase. I hope most of my neighbors will too. We have a year or so to put money aside so we aren't caught financially short. The sad truth is, most of our neighbors will ignore this project and then call my office when the money is due and scream at us. That's when my name will be changed to "You F****** people" and I will come home sad and tired everyday. :::sigh::: Those will be the days I'll wish I'd picked budget over job...and hide my City ID card when I go out to lunch. The thought makes my head hurt....maybe I should have a glass of wine. that will help! Actually, City Council just voted to move forward with the project. This means I'll have 8-10 hours of non-existent overtime this month, and be prepared for my impending name change. I hope you'll all listen to me whine in July when my name changes. :o) That's all folks, the word for today is ~ insinuation. Did you ever notice the word sin located amidst this word? Hmmm, makes me wonder.


Jim and Garret said...

You're gonna save money for a year..... LOL. ROFLMAO. Did I mention LOL? That would be like Tim saving money.

Pearlish said...

Bite me Garret.